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Brewers Opening Day Weather Forecast at Miller Park

Mar 26, 2012
Brewers Opening Day - Miller Park Weather Forecast - April 6, 2012The Milwaukee Brewers will kick off Opening Day at Miller Park on Friday April 6, 2012 against the St. Louis Cardinals. Opening Day is always a great time to celebrate the beginning of baseball season in Wisconsin. Brewers fans are passionate about cooking brats, hot dogs, eating cheese, consuming beer and of course their team. The wild card every year is the Milwaukee weather. What will the temperature be at Miller Park on Opening Day?

The month of March has seen incredible warmth across the Milwaukee area. Some believe this trend will continue into April, but that's not always the case. Current indications make me believe the weather pattern will continue to promote average temperatures for this time of the year, but no major warm up is expected like the Midwest saw in March.

Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day - April 6, 2012

The Milwaukee climate history suggests the normal high temperature for April 6 is 50 degrees. This does sound chilly compared to what we have felt in March.

Climate - April 6, Milwaukee Temperatures:

  • High Temp 50

  • Low Temp 34

  • Avg. Temp 42

Brewers Opening Day - Miller Park Weather Forecast - April 6, 2012It appears temperatures will be in the upper 40's to low 50's for tailgating. Another thing to keep in mind is Lake Michigan. The cold waters of the lake combined with a southeast wind would bring in cooler air that will make things chilly. There is no rain indicated at this time, so it should be a pretty decent day. At this moment, I would definitely count on bringing a jacket to tailgate for the Opening Day festivities. Go Brewers!


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