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Packers - 49ers Weather Forecast at Lambeau Field

Sep 01, 2012
Green Bay Packers - September 9 ,2012

The Green Bay Packers 2012 season will begin at Lambeau Field on Sunday, September 9th as they will face off against the San Francisco 49ers. For all the Packer fans wondering what the weather will be like, I have some news for you.

Green Bay Packers - Lambeau Field 2010The weather forecast is still well over a week away. and many aspects of the forecast are uncertain. The latest computer models are hinting at normal temperatures in the 60's and possibly 70 degrees at game time (3:25 pm CT). There is a outside chance a cold front may move through the Green Bay area on Saturday evening that will rush in cooler temperatures for the game on Sunday. Precipitation chances are even more uncertain at this time. What we can do is look at the climate conditions for Green Bay at this time of the year to get an idea what the forecast will be.

Lambeau Field Climate

There are usually two different types of climates at Lambeau Field during the Green Bay Packer season. September and October can bring warm game time temperatures along with heavy rain and thunderstorms. For these months, Packer fans can usually count on to wear seasonal summer and fall clothing that includes: shorts, sweaters, jeans, and maybe a light coat.

Once the calendar turns to November, the conditions become more harsh for Packer fans. Game time temperatures can range from the high 40's all the way down to below zero. Fans usually bust out the jackets, orange deer hunting gear, and the occasional shirtless fan to show the world that cold is no bother. Good news that will be not the case on Sunday.

Green Bay Packers - Lambeau Field For many fans, it's more appealing to attend a Packer game during the first half of the season and it appears the home opener will be comfortable temperature wise. The question mark will be precipitation. I'm confident the weather will shape up to be a good game for the players and fans. Go Pack!


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