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TVN Weather - Tornado Chasers Season 2 - Review

Mar 21, 2014
The Dominator - May 22, 2010 - Roscoe, South DakotaWelcome, TVN Weather, the re-branded look of meteorologist and storm chaser, Reed Timmer. Many have probably watched Reed and his TVN team on the show Storm Chasers featured on Discovery since 2007, but the show ended in 2011. Now, Reed Timmer and his crew have created their second season of quality storm chasing videos.

This time of the year, most storm chasers, including myself, suffer from SDS (Supercell Deprivation Syndrome) and look for hours on YouTube for any storm chasing video just to get by the long winter. TVN Weather was another option, but I felt hesitant to pay for the episodes.

I decided to purchase one episode of Tornado Chasers, Season 2 and see for myself. To my surprise it was well done in terms of video quality and the plot. I decided to purchase all of season 2.

Tornado Chasers - Season 2 - Promotional Poster

TVN Weather - Torando Chasers - Season 2 - Reed Timmer

Episodes, Video Quality & Plot:

There are 12 episodes, each lasting nearly 20-26 minutes long. You are able to stream the storm chasing video up to 1080p on an Android, IOS platforms (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV), Roku, Google Chromecast, and your computer. In addition, you're able to download the video native file.

One of the main reasons I enjoy the TVN Weather Tornado Chasers Season 2 is because there is a lack of drama! Also, there are more tornadoes to watch; so far, so good right? Like many, my favorite meteorologist, Jim Cantore has a chance to be a part of the show to chase with Reed in the Dominator 3.

When I was done watching season 2 of Tornado Chasers, I decided to purchase all of season 1. It was a good, but the overall narration and video production is much improved in season 2. In my opinion, Tornado Chasers Season 2 is better than Discovery's Storm Chasers, due to less drama, great video quality, good plot narration, and the best part, they show and document tornadoes! Imagine that.

I haven't heard if the TVN Weather crew plans to produce a third season, but season 2 is surely a winner to any storm chasing junkie.

Here is the TVN Tornado Chasers - 2013 Season 2 Intro Video.


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