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Straight-line Winds Impact Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Jul 20, 2011
Several cluster of severe thunderstorms crossed the badger state causing significant wind damage across the northern and central part of the state on Monday evening.

Initially, storms became supercellular in nature causing the NWS (National Weather Service) to issue numerous tornado warnings. No tornadoes were confirmed but funnel clouds had to been reported to the NWS. Some of the severe weather parameters were indicating explosive supercell development which indeed did occur across Northwest Wisconsin.

Supercell Thunderstorms - Minneapolis, MN - July 19, 2011Supercell Thunderstorms - Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The storms then began to bow out towards the central part of the state on radar. For a time the severe weather began to wane as flash flooding was becoming a concern as the storms slowed down. Shortly after, the NWS Green Bay radar indicated high winds near Stevens Point that raced eastward prompting more severe thunderstorm warnings to be issued. As a result wind damage had occurred across the Stevens Point area. Downed trees and powerlines were reported as the storms moved east. Eventually the line of storms weakened as it moved through far Southeast Wisconsin.

Severe Thunderstorms - Stevens Point, Wisconsin Severe Thunderstorms - Stevens Point, Wisconsin

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