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Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Waterspouts

Sep 24, 2011
Several waterspouts had developed over the lakeshore near downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday. Numerous reports were confirmed just east of the summerfest grounds. Tower cameras (pictured below) were able to locate the developing waterspouts out over the lake. At one point there were two spinning simultaneously. No damage has been reported.

Waterspout Hoan Bridge - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Well defined waterspout over Lake Michigan east of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Waterspout Video:

Doppler radar did show isolated showers and embedded thunderstorms moving west toward Milwaukee through the morning hours. These storms weren't severe, but the warm waters from Lake Michigan this time of the year provided an unstable airmass for storms to develop. Rotation is evident on the velocity radar image with the green (winds moving toward the radar) and red colors (winds moving away from the radar) just southeast of downtown.

Waterspout Velocity Radar - Milwaukee, WI Waterspout Reflectivity Radar - Milwaukee, WI

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