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Thunderstorm dumps Hail across Waukesha, Wisconsin

Aug 22, 2013
During the early evening hours on Thursday, August 22, an isolated strong thunderstorm produced a swath of marble to dime sized hail across southern Waukesha.

The strong thunderstorm slowly developed over Delafield, Wisconsin and moved east toward the southern portions of Waukesha around 8:30pm. The storm grew quickly and developed an interesting non-rotating wall cloud which represented warm, moist air rising into the updraft of the storm. The thunderstorm intensified and produced marble to dime sized hail for 5 to 10 minutes before turning southeast into Racine County. No major damage was reported with this storm.

Waukesha, Wisconsin Thunderstorm - August 2013Lowered updraft base - Waukesha, Wisconsin - August 2013Hail - Waukesha, Wisconsin - August 2013

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